Products I’ve Used Up ∙ Makeup

Products I’ve Used Up ∙ Makeup

Because finishing an entire product has never felt so good.

Hi everyone! I am so excited to share with you all my makeup empties! In this day and age of makeup hauls and product launches, it’s quite a feat to finish up an entire product.  I love reading/watching “Products I’ve Use Up” blog posts/videos because it’s satisfying to me, as a viewer, knowing that these people are truly making a dent in their massive makeup collections.  Plus, you have a pretty solid thoughts on products once you’ve finished them completely.  Here are the makeup products I finished in the past 6 months!

Neutrogena Shine Control Powder • If you’re an oily-skinned gal, you gotta try this powder out!  This pressed translucent powder kept my face looking matte for the majority of the day.  I found that my skin didn’t produce oil as quickly, and when it did, I didn’t end up looking like a disco ball.  This was great for touch-ups throughout the day, as it didn’t make me look cake-y, and it also didn’t cause any breakouts.  I loved using this and it’s one of my favorite products from the drugstore!

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 • I liked this foundation for days where I didn’t want to do a full-on makeup look, because it was light coverage (medium coverage is achievable, but you’d have to use A LOT).  This foundation wasn’t compatible with my oily skin and I felt like I ended up wiping most of it off when I would blot my face throughout the day.  I appreciated that it had SPF in it!  I’m terrible at using SPF daily, so when I have it on, it’s usually incorporated into my makeup.  (BTW, this was a tester bottle that my mom gave me when her boutique stopped carrying this product, hence the size of the bottle/packaging.)

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge • I love this sponge and I’ve gone through several of these!  I’ve never tried the Beauty Blender, but I’ve tried a couple off-brand sponges (e.g. Up&Up, Ulta) and I’ve found that the RT sponge is the best affordable option to the Beauty Blender.  This is the only thing I use to apply my liquid foundation and I like that I consistently get good, even coverage with any foundation.

Benefit POREfessional Face Primer • This teeny sample size was not enough for me to give an honest review.  I think I only got 2 or 3 uses out of it, so I’ll have to give this another go in the future.  From my very short experience,  I didn’t see a difference in my pores or the longevity of my makeup throughout the day.  I liked that it had a silicone-y feel, because I definitely prefer that texture in a face primer.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance • Is it just me, or do these eyeshadow primers last FOREVER?  It took me over a year to finish this and towards the end, I was getting so bored of it, I started using double the amount just so I could finish it and switch to something new.  Anyway, this primer worked well for me and kept my eyeshadow in place.  I didn’t notice any major eyeshadow fading or creasing.  The only thing I wish to find in my next primer is something to prevent eyeliner transfer!  Any suggestions?


Benefit They’re Real! Push-Up Liner • This liner works beautifully as you’re putting it on, because the slanted tip makes it easy to apply when the product comes out.  The formula is was great– it stayed in place all day and didn’t flake off or transfer.  My only fuss about it is that when I would turn the base, it took awhile for the product to come out.  There were several times when I got too impatient and too much product would come out at once, which sucks because the excess becomes a waste because it’s not like you can put it back into the pen. I noticed that it dried out pretty quickly too.  There would be dried up liner around the tip, which made it harder for new product to come out.  Overall, this liner just wasn’t for me.

Covergirl SuperSizer Fibers Mascara • The only other fibers mascara that I’ve used was the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, which had a thicker brush, so I was surprised to see that this mascara had a more slender brush with less bristles.  I really liked the length it gave me.  Doing multiple coats would get me the volume I wanted, but it was easy to go overboard and end up with clumpy lashes.  If I was layering my mascara, this would be the one I would finish off with because it was great at separating my lashes.

Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Crayon Eyeliner • I’ve never used an eyeliner so creamy before!  The fact that I can put an eyeliner this creamy on my waterline and not give me raccoon eyes is a miracle.  I liked that this sample was retractable.  The only thing that’s holding me back from purchasing the full-size is knowing that I’ll have to sharpen it.  I feel like if I’m going to spend $25 on an eyeliner, it should be retractable!

Have you tried out any of these products? What were your experiences like? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read today’s post!  I know I’ve been a little absent due to personal reasons, but I’m planning my content for May and I’m so excited to share it with you all. Have a great week! ?

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